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where exactly has Georger lost credibility? I'll admit I don't have half the knowledge G does, the personal battle you guys has carried on too far, but I still wouldn't put his credibility on the line over this.

perhaps giving the time frame we are in (Holiday's) it just might be appropriate for a cease fire similar to what the Brits and Germans did during Christmas in 19 hundred and fourteen? Angelic

Suppose I made fun of every post by one particular person on this thread, even if the point was legit. (BK excluded) People would soon start ignoring me, or think I had an agenda.

On the other hand, I get insulted a lot just for bringing up legit questions. For example, when I questioned the results of the FBI's investigation (if you can call it that) into the Amboy chute. Or when I showed pretty good reasons why Marla was full of it, and kept changing her story?

My credibility would suffer, because people would say I was doing that solely to 'push' KC as the only suspect. You have to pick and choose about slamming on someone's claims. You can't just slam everything solely because you don't like someone personally. I've tried to lead by example with Georger, but he hasn't gotten the hint. If you look back, sometimes he makes points and I actually agree with him. This proves I'm not necesarily slanted against him personally. You have to keep it non-personal, whenever possible. 'Just the facts, ma'am' as the saying goes.

I didn't 'drive Marla Cooper away'. I pointed out flaws in her story, and everyone knows I even tried to help her by urging her to get her other family members to stand up on portions of her story...the ones who were there on that Thanksgiving. For some reason, a lot of people saw that as an attack on Marla when it was not. Same thing with my suggestion that Cook interview the servicemen who served alongside William Gossett at Fort Lewis at the time of the hijacking. This seemed like an obvious course for Cook, something he should have done from the very beginning. Yet...some saw that as an attack, as well. The Amboy chute, same thing. If you look at that story, the FBI's investigation on it just doesn't add up. Why wasn't Kaye's team allowed access to it? Why did the FBI quote Earl Cossey as saying it was silk, not nylon, and that is the reason it couldn't come from Cooper? Why did they try saying it probably belonged to Lt. Walling...when a simple fact-check would show the chute was made AFTER his jump, and that he jumped in a different area anyway? Where are the container and harness? Why weren't independent people in the Puget Sound skydiving community offered a chance to examine it and publish the results?

Those are legit questions, yet Georger jumped on every one of them. Credibility. A lack of an open mind on legit questions. Not answering those questions and going with personal insults instead. That's my opinion on it, anyway.

Christmas cease-fire? Okay with me. I don't hate the guy. I've never met him. And I do have a certain amount of respect for the work he's done.

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