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Dec 10, 2012, 12:58 PM

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Re: [MeyerLouie] Something new for you folks

Meyer Louie says in part:

'I have another point to make Blevins. For some reason you think you are on the same level as Georger and others. Well, you're not. Co-writing a book and appearing on Decoded does not make you an expert. Some folks here are playing in the Big League with the big boys. You aren't there yet. Spending years and years on this case, interfacing with the FBI and the key players on a regular basis, for years, make one an expert -- makes one "Cooper royalty" if you will. There are only a handful of people in this elite group. You're not there yet -- and you want to be so badly. Give it time Blevins. Try to be credible, offer up your stuff in a respectful way, back it up with quotes, citations, references. Your unfounded, ridiculous assumptions continue to destroy your credibility. Some people here, who have been here for years, think you're a total idiot. That's going to be tough to overcome. Quit locking horns with Georger, you are not in his league! Give it time, quit trying so hard. Gee Blevins, c'mon. I've seen the good guy, let him come out...'

And yet...none of those people you mentioned have been able to solve the case, even after all those years of working on it. I don't care what posters on an internet forum think of me. I do care what the people I know in real life think of me. To a certain extent.

See, here's the Real Deal: I never claimed to be a Cooper Expert, and that book was probably my one and only (supposedly) non-fiction work. But that book really isn't about DB Cooper, it's about Kenny Christiansen and whatever evidence exists on him as it relates to the Cooper case. Wasn't even an idea I thought up on my own. Let's face it...the groundwork was done by Geoff Gray and Skipp Porteous. If it's proven later that KC was definitely NOT DB Cooper, then I probably would stop posting here anyway. There wouldn't be any purpose to it because I'm not really interested in pursuing the case any further than I have already. I'm not a crime investigator or crime writer, like Ann Rule. I'm just Robert the Sci Fi Guy who Occasionally Edits Books. When I'm not doing that, I'm out in the mountains or something listening to Mariner or Seahawk games or MP3's of old radio shows like 'Dimension X' or 'X-Minus-1'. Or popping off my .45 S/W or that 30/30 Winnie I love so much. That's who I am, nothing more.

Look, if I considered myself Cooper Royalty I would have showed up at the Portland Symposium with my slideshow gear and countered Marla's claims with some of my own. Or, I would have gone around at Ariel saying, "I'm the guy who wrote that Cooper book..." Mostly I try to stay anonymous. I may go to the 2013 Symposium in Tacoma, but unless something new emerges on KC, then I'm just going to be in the audience.

On Georger: He jumps on every post I make, no matter what it is. So IMHO his credibility, his opinions, mean zip to me. You have to pick and choose when to jump down someone's throat, and that should be for 'ridiculous assumptions' only, not because you just don't like someone. So I don't care what he says. That situation probably isn't going to get any better. We've both been banned twice now, mostly for arguing. These days I either ignore his posts, or respond to them in a comedic manner, rather than getting angry. Once in a while he brings up a sensible point on something without insults, and then I will answer that normally, more or less.

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