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Dec 10, 2012, 12:06 PM

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Re: [MeyerLouie] Something new for you folks

Robert 99 says in part:
'Blevins, How do you personally determine if someone isn't "deliberately making stuff up to further a means to an end"?

Would you care to offer some names of the people who are responsible for all the BS that is already on the Cooper case? Don't be modest...'

On your first question, usually by fact-checking or interviewing them, catching them in outright lies. examining their Facebook posts, which can sometimes reveal a lot about someone.

Second question: Marla and BK come to mind immediately.

Meyer Louie says in part:

'I must admit Blevins, that thought has crossed my mind -- are you jealous? You came around like 3 or so years ago, you were here for such a short time, then you co-wrote a book and you appeared on the History Channel -- and somehow I get the feeling you think all that automatically puts you in the "DB Cooper Hall of Fame." You have repeated yourself and your theory so many times you've lost pretty much all credibility...'

Well, it's better than coming aboard and then changing your story constantly. I've made a few errors, but the basic theory has always remained constant. I've explored other things here that have nothing to do with whether or not KC was the hijacker, such as the Tena Bar money and the Amboy chute. The only person who belongs in the Cooper Hall of Fame so far is Snownman, IMHO. I've read his posts. Jealous of anyone, NO. Hard on people who BS on the Cooper case just for personal gratification, or to fit the square peg to the round Cooper suspect hole? YES.

'Moreover, I have seen you react, almost violently, to anyone who's thinking about coming out with a book. There's Marla, then there's Galen Cook, and there's Bruce Smith. You seem so threatened and jealous of anyone who might get something over on you or who might get more notoriety than you. I don't think anyone asked for your opinion on what Bruce should call his book. Bruce can spreak for himself, but it seems your advice and criticism of Bruce's work were totally unsolicited. That's so blatantly arrogant, Blevins. Lighten up!! Quit trying so hard...'

I think Bruce should not copy the title of Geoff Gray's book. And yes, I read what he has so far and I think he needs an editor. But then all writers need an editor, even I get edited. Both those suggestions were professional advice to Bruce. It's cheesy to ride someone else's coattails by using the title of THEIR book, especially when they are about the same subject. How about 'The Search for DB Cooper'? One practical reason is because of the way books are cataloged with their ISBN and on Amazon/internet searches. If your book is titled close to another in the same subject, some of your sales will go to the OTHER book. On editing: Most people think editing means 'cut and slash' on a manuscript, when in reality it means 'clean up and improve'.

You probably noticed I hinted to Bruce that I might be willing to help him release his book in six/nine paperback and for the Kindle. Since I know Bruce isn't any richer than I am, I would have to do this for free. And not so AB of Seattle would publish it, but so HE could publish it on his own via Kindle and maybe Lightning Source for paperback. Establishing accounts at both those venues is free. Then they pay you once a month. That's not jealousy. That's helping him reach his goal. In my thinking, Bruce's upcoming book is just fine with me because it's based on truth. And remember: Bruce ASKED for comments. So I gave him my honest opinion. Needs an editor - change the title a bit.

'I met you Blevins. In real life you're a nice, respectful, and kind person -- I saw it with my own eyes. Why don't you try to be that person here? Nobody will fault you for that, and you just might get a better, more respectful response from people around here. Just be yourself. You can be a really good guy, Blevins...'

I do try most of the time. Once in a while even I get tired of being insulted, although lately that is mostly one person anyway. I've pretty much put him on my ignore-that-post list.

'Earning respect takes time. Only people who've been around for a long time and who have earned a good reputation by their body of work deserve our respect. And you will get no respect if you have no credibility and if you have not "put in your time and paid your dues...."

I disagree with this statement. Suppose tomorrow a new person posted up here with 100% definitive proof on who was DB Cooper. I mean irrefutable evidence that even the FBI supports, to the point they declare the case solved. THAT person would be respected beyond everyone else. If you are basing respect on 'body of work,' mine is less than some, more than others. The Amboy chute, Marla sheet-pulling, or coming up with the best way for Cook to prove or disprove his case on Gossett. (Interviewing the servicemen Gossett actually worked with at Fort Lewis at the time of the crime) Other stuff, I suppose. There are others who have done a lot more, of course. Snownman comes to mind right away. He's The Man, as they say. Others in line for that Hall of Fame are Himmelsbach, (spent the rest of his career on the case) Tosaw, and a few others. I'm WAY down the list from those guys.

Oh, I almost forgot.

Seattle Seahawks - 58 Arizona Cardinals - ZEEE-ROW.

Ha ha ha. Cool

"How do you like us NOW?"

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