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Dec 9, 2012, 10:45 PM

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nothing personal, just seems far fetched to think you hold the key to this crazy case we call DB Cooper, many claim Marla is nuts, Jo is nuts, cook is nuts etc etc.......Cool

For the record:

I don't think Marla is nuts. I think she has ADD and is an opportunist.

I don't believe Jo is nuts, either. She could even be right. But you need evidence to prove a case, or at least some witnesses who might be able to further that case a bit.

Cook isn't nuts. But he's motivated to somehow prove Gossett was the hijacker, even if he has go out on some nutty limbs in the attempt. The Janet Fable, etc. All the guy has to really do is interview the people who worked with Gossett at Fort Lewis around the time of the hijacking, and he hasn't done that. This is counterproductive to his appearances on Coast-to-Coast radio, since he might find out that Gossett was Present and Accounted For at the time of the crime. Can't have that happen...Crazy

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