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Dec 7, 2012, 11:18 AM

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Re: [wolfriverjoe] Question about coming back from a long spot

The ideal off landing area is a hayfield or empty pasture. Right in the middle.
Uncultivated fields are also good, but beware the furrows, I've known ankles to be broken landing in a plowed field.

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Indeed it is, I guess I should have made that point clearer instead of just saying a 'clean' area...

As far as roads & straight lines...sure there is some logic to that, one needs to be aware of what to look for and hopefully you're facing into the wind on landing and can select an open spot that may be 'along those lines' so to speak.

Keep in mind the 'avoid straight lines' doctrine is a hold-over from the round parachute days which of course had a lot less control & accuracy...yes it still has some validity but not as much as in days gone by. Again that 'circle of safety' needed was a LOT bigger then.

Going full bore downwind with the idea of hooking a 180 into the wind at the last possible second in order to save some steps walkin' back is a really poor approach.

Understand you're in a bad 'unusual' situation and plan a normal pattern accordingly...if you are at say 500' facing into the wind and can't see & avoid power-lines or fence-lines ~ Darwin kinda wins!

It's a judgement call I guess, one needs to be realistic about their canopy control abilities and accuracy skills.

You're not landing a fighter at 200 kts, your circle of safety regarding the place & amount of clear area you need should be well established in your mind while on downwind...if you 'need' a football field to feel comfortable, by all means head to the planted field...if you know you can land standing up between parked cars in a Waly-mart parking lot (cough cough) it opens up the possible safe zone quite a bit.

High trees & water scare me more than power lines...the lines usually are 'avoidable' with steering input on base & final...not always the case with trees & water if they cover a big enough area.

It's situational specific obviously, another reason to try to be aware of your surroundings...a highway vs. a farmers field access road have significant differences regarding possible obstacles.

If you can't see & avoid a mailbox or light pole, a with a square parachute from 200'...ummm, ya should really get to working on either that or how to pick up a 7-10 split for a spare!

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