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Dec 7, 2012, 10:30 AM

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Re: [StreetScooby] Question about coming back from a long spot

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Another thing to consider that's not related directly to your canopy. When I'm long on a spot, I find the nearest road and ride it. You'll get a thermal that will keep you up longer, even at 3K'.

Keep in mind when picking a off-DZ spot to land - there are power lines next to most roads, and you might not see them until you're low. Also, when landing in fields, keep an eye out for barbed wire fences. They're very difficult to see until you're right on them, and they will ruin your day. Try and notice any separation lines in fields, as that will most likely be where you'll find a fence. Don't wait too long to pick your spot landing off DZ. Also, get a feel for the wind direction somehow before choosing your landing direction. Blowing grass is a good indicator.

~That thermal thing may work on a hot no wind day, but if there is a cross wind of any significance at all it dissipates the thermal off & away from the surface creating it... you can still find some of it if you're good, but I seriously doubt it at 3K.

THAT being said, nothing wrong with heading for a road when you see you won't make it makes it easier for someone at the DZ to snag you when you land, it keeps you off farmer Mcnastys crops, cows & meth lab...and though as you said there may be power-lines etc to be wary of 'other than that' - the area next to most roads are relative free of obstacles.

To reiterate a point made above...release the brakes on opening and do the control check 1st, finding yourself in or near the pattern is a really bad time & place to figure out you have a control line problem.

It's simple enough to put the released toggle over the fingers and then grab the risers with your hand to hold the brakes on without getting tired.

~you should know the 'basic' wind direction prior to boarding the aircraft...look at the windsock & face into the wind - note where the sun is in relation to your body position.
In 'most' cases that will remain the same for the time of the jump. (yeah yeah I know what about at noonSly)...look for other indicators, smoke, flags, trees blowing, how the canopy tracks...

Keep your eyes open for clean landing spots if you are MAY be better for you to hold all the way down to insure an uneventful landing with a long walk than it is to take a shot at making over that forest with the huge pond full of alligators!

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