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Dec 7, 2012, 9:42 AM

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Re: [pchapman] Icon rigs grounded in Sweden Lifted (See Post #31)

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the report says this loop was 7/8 to long

a) As I pointed out, that's based on a factory statement about the correct loop length is 1/2 cm shorter than the shortest listed in the manual for three different sizes of reserve in the manual (which vary in a range of 2 cm).

b) Therefore Aerodyne is saying that the loop is too long compared to their own secret knowledge of the correct length.

c) It supposes that there is zero variation in allowed loop length. If Mr. Factory Rigger in Florida says "3 inches" is normal for a particular rig, am I a bad rigger if I use a 3 1/4" loop in winter in dry air where I am?

d) As you pointed out, a little slack has always been considered acceptable after being packed a long time. (Although having much slack is now less common with small rigs and leverage devices to make rigs super tight.)

It would all be easier if they just said that with the rig packed, they could push down on and compress the pilot chute and pull the pin & loop up an extra X" of slack, whatever that number might be.


I would like to see one more piece of information included in all deployment tests... the pull force. I have seen several rigs (some from manufacturers that push maximum closing loop lengths) that have come in with ripcord pull forces in excess of 22-lbs. Highest was ~40+lbs, packed by the factory, tested while worn and adjusted correctly.

Ok, Aerodyne says all is well when using the correct (apparently shorter than manual) length loop, but was the pull force acceptable with that loop? NOT saying it wasn't, but based on what I've seen come in, I'd like to know...


PS (edited to add) I have no insight to this particular issue, nor Aerodyne's tests and have not personally seen one of their rigs pull hard.

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