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Dec 6, 2012, 6:59 PM

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Re: [nigel99] Icon rigs grounded in Sweden Lifted (See Post #31)

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Can we please focus on the elephant in the room.

Where's the video of the "incident" that caused the grounding ?

I kinda doubt that will be released. If it was rigger in question who okay-ed the wrong closing loop, they probably wouldn't want a video record of a mistake in the public domain...the manufacturer probably doesn't want a video out showing the rig isn't idiot proof.


Hey Jim,

I'm with Paul and John on this one. There is anecdotal evidence that some modern rigs aren't getting timely reserve deployments. From a statistical point of view 15 test pulls is nothing and also doesn't account for a vast number of variables.

Sweden is a cold European country - what temperature was the rig at on the failed pull? Second question - a routine repack is after the rig has 'settled' for about 6 months (I don't know the Swedish repack cycle). There is a heck of a lot that might have caused the issue.

If the pack is so critical that closing loop that is less than an inch too long causes a total mal, is that a robust design? I'd hope there is more margin and tolerance available on getting a reserve to launch.

The weirdest things can cause un-expected failures, and from an engineering point of view, I'd say you only understand the failure when you can recreate it.

Thing is Nigel, It's a popular rig used worldwide...are we seeing this problem anywhere else? Either through the static deployment for an I&R or in an actual emergency?

Certainly doesn't appear so.

From what was described and shown in stills...the pin was pulled by hand with the protective flap open and the riggers hand using the top flap for leverage to pull on the cable.

I don't jump one but isn't the top flap the last flap to close? If so wouldn't retarding it's movement tend to throw a monkey wrench in the works?

Add to that the longer than nominal closing loop which means the spring isn't compressed right - among other things...there's plenty wrong with that situation, but blaming the manufacturer???

I don't think so...

Yes there IS anecdotal evidence that some modern rigs aren't getting timely reserve deployments...however the basic design has to pass the TSO requirements which they do - so what is the 'end user' doing that's different than what the manufacturer did when it passed?

IMO tiny & tight is great for a wife but may not be the best choice for skydiving equipment.Wink

In THIS case at least, the human factor is what caused the 'situation'.

~ Use the right closing loop, compress the reserve pilot-chute spring as it was intended to be...use the ripcord when pulling the pin and keep your hand from holding down the locking flap when ya pull in an emergency & all will be just me! Wink

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