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Dec 6, 2012, 6:01 PM

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Re: [skyjack71] E-mail making Claims

I did recieve an email from one of the past posters claiming knowledge of who the man in the Assembly Hall picture is. I do NOT trust the source, but will await the response I made.

Seems I have heard this name mentioned in the past regarding another supposed Cooper suspect - can anyone remember the source of this name.

Roger Schilke

Sounds like a made up name and the only associations I find with that name are related to MUSIC instruments, but supposedly the man per the source was a truck driver.

I appreciate any efforts or assistance I can get with identifing the man in the photo.
Whoever he is - was connected to Duane Weber in some manner. Duane did NOT want the man to see him.

Whatever and whoever this man is will help me find more about the past of Duane L. Weber - note I did NOT say Cooper, because I do NOT know if that was the connection.

By finding and disclosing who the man in the Picture - was or is, I can then close the final chapter of my life. I need answers regarding Duane's past and perhaps that alone will answer the questions I have. Disclosure of the man - could also open up a can of worms NO ONE wants known....the only reason I see for the FBI to totally ignore the photo and the story that goes with the photo.

I am being as straight as I can with you guys or anyone who reads this. I need your help - surely this man can be identified and his past exposed or is that some big secret?

Hell, how can I not read covert or CIA or some other message into the FBI NOT investigating the individual and his connection to Weber.

Please help and please do not make fun of this last bit of knowledge I need to acquire in order to put all of this behind me.

1977 - August. Sometimes I wish I had never gone there. My memory is getting so bad that at this moment I do NOT remember if it was a Hilton or Marriott. Trying not to take my pain medication until I have posted this.

Will come back to the thread before I go to bed to see if anyone has any suggestions I have NOT tried and/or if someone could get the authorities to look at this.

Can someone help me find that needle in the haystack I have searched 18 yrs for?

I will attach the photo again.
Please help!

Photo made last wk of Sept 1979 infront of The Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City.


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