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Dec 6, 2012, 3:42 PM

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The lack of centralization and the issue with time zones is impacting things too. For most of us the events occured overnight and by the time we wake up the entire days events are over and we see the scores and no running commentary. With the lack of a social media site to stay up to the minute it loses some of its appeal and the fact that the events have lasted for so many days does not help either. I am used to the US nationals were 4 way is done in 2 days max. Making it last for multiple days means that other then about 45 seconds to check scores once in the morning I just lost interest since it was going to be another day for anything to happen.

The lack of central places to see the social commentary did not help on the interest levels either. The deletion of the Youtube channel, the limited videos being posted and even the lack of the USPA to post running commentary on their Facebook other then the final results was not a great effort to engage US jumpers. I know 4 jumpers that are there and the total amount of info coming out of Dubai was things like "Wish us luck!" "Here is the scores for today", "We won X Event!", "We were disqualified!" (My personal favorite!) and things like that. I saw more from the vendors then I saw from the official sources. PD, Cypres, and a few others did a great job showing off their athletes but beyond that... almost no information was coming out that I was able to see.

The US team either did not have any sort of blog running or if they did they did a horrible job of promoting it and I was never able to find it.

Conversely, I seem to have been able to access a lot of info daily, CP, VFS and AE were all stellar performances and It's been an absolute joy watching them CoolCoolCool

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