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Dec 6, 2012, 7:16 AM

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Re: [p.w.stockwell] Icon rigs grounded in Sweden

if someone sells you something intended to do a job why shouldn't they be able to tell you the limits of its operating capability. eg minimum safe height to initiate reserve deployment

Again, because factors outside of the manufacturers control will effect the performance of the rig.

They do give the Maximum speed and weight on the reserve canopy after all..

Of course, becasue you can test for those things. You can push a weighed dummy out the back of a plane flying at a specific speed, and see the results.

Harness manufacturers can give you specs on the strength of the harness because that's easy to test. Strap a harness into a hydraulic pull tester, and see what it takes to rip it apart.

There are just too many variables to a reserve deployment to assign a hard number to it. Generally accepted practices in most of the word are that main deployment should be initiated by 2k ft at a minimum, and then EPs should follow immediately if need be.

If a jumper wants to push things to limit, they can dump at 2k and take their chances. If they want to add in some 'wiggle room', they'll initiate main deployment higher than 2k, and EPs immediately after if needed.

In terms of an AAD, they can all be adjusted to fire higher than the 750 ft default setting. The problem then is that you increase the risk of a two-out if your main snivels into your AAD firing altitude. If you did adjust your AAD, you would want to also 'adjust' your main deployment altitude up to match.

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