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Dec 6, 2012, 2:10 AM

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Re: [RobertMBlevins] the Grinch that stole Cooper

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I'm a big believer in equal time. The only folks I have a REAL problem with regarding the Cooper case aren't folks who might be wrong. It's the ones who make up stuff to suit a purpose. Not about screwing up, or making a mistake, but making stuff up. Like Marla, for example. There is a difference between seeking the truth and just using Cooper as a means to an end. I do have some pride, believe it or not.

I'll be first in line to admit I've been wrong plenty of times. But I won't lie to you, either.

You have to draw the line somewhere, and that seems as good a spot as any. And anyone who can't figure out the difference...

Well you're a better man than many.

Some on here have a favorite candidate, which is fine...they have their reasons and stand by them.

Others attempt to raise reasonable questions regarding the methodology & logic arrived at the focus on one - or even all of the Cooper 'could beeez'.

A select few seem to take joy in the personal assassination of various contributors for some dark reason that adds nothing to the conversation, and only muddy the water for everyone.

And then there are a couple of nutters that though are a bubble off plum are certainly entertaining none the less.

I don't know why someone would continually attack you as has been the case, but I do admire the restraint you show by merely deflecting the bullshit thrown. is nothing more than an Internet posting board and the bravado of certain keyboard cowboys is most telling. At a real world dropzone there is thankfully far less tolerance for that kind of immature behavior.

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