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Dec 5, 2012, 10:58 PM

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Re: [RobertMBlevins] Eye Witness ID

You don't know everything, Mr Science. Just how much of the case record, or examples of Cooper's personality do you think the shrink had time to bone up on before he said those things? Wasn't it just a few hours between the time Cooper passed the note and when he jumped?

UR funny sometimes. No, really.
aGAIN mR bLEVINS - read the damned thread - I am
not going to spell it out for you or teach you what
first graders know and do automatically.

Get your head straight! Come on in FOR THE BIG

Read the thread and stop being an INDEPENDENT

We are NOT going to remake the world for you.
You need to do a few things for yourself, for a

I am not going to give you a free history lesson.
You need to press a few buttons in the search box
for yourself this time. Gerger is NOT going to rescue
you this time -

Hint, hint: There are reason the psychiatrist said
what he said - info given him prior to his
assessment - duhhhhhhhhhhhhh! You fill in the gap
by READING THE THREAD. He was not operating in a
vacuum as you would like to pretend so you can
bloviate expertise from the Jethro's porach about it!

Is there anybody in there? (Blevins quote)

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