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Dec 5, 2012, 10:50 PM

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Re: [georger] Eye Witness ID

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Well, sure I mean it. Especially this part:

'I have to agree. Most shrinks will tell you they need to see someone in person, or at least a case record....'

That guy made an irresponsible prediction based on near-zero information. All he really succeeded in doing was scaring the crap out of the crew. Even profilers need a case record before they start running a profile, or making predictions about the possible perp in a case.

HOW DO YOU KNOW! Its just another kneejerk
reaction by the famous RobertM Blevins.

If you had read people's posts you would know
somebody about this. Instead yourefuse to REQAD
THE THREAD so you dont know anything about it so
instead, you make wild claims which are totally not

And you repeat it endlessly for two years excpecting
a different result each time!

That's Crazy

How do I know? Easy. Because this shrink scared the crap out of the crew, and made a prediction based on near-zero information.

I think there's an echo in here.

You don't know everything, Mr Science. Just how much of the case record, or examples of Cooper's personality do you think the shrink had time to bone up on before he said those things? Wasn't it just a few hours between the time Cooper passed the note and when he jumped?

UR funny sometimes. No, really.

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