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Dec 4, 2012, 4:00 AM

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Icon rigs grounded in Sweden Lifted (See Post #31)

All Icon rigs from Aerodyne Research were recently grounded in Sweden (possibly all of the Nordic countries). The reason for this is that the reserve pilot chute failed to eject when the reserve was popped on the ground.
The document (in Swedish) is attached. Rough translation:

A rig of the type Aerodyne Icon had the reserve popped during an ordinary service event [I'm guessing this means preparation for repack] by pulling th wire to the reserve pin. The spring pilot then stayed in the rig without releasing. Only by external influence, by pulling the lower flap of the reserve container, did the spring pilot jump from the container.

All rigs of the type Aerodyne Resarch Icon

Immediate grounding

The grounding is effective immediately, and until further notice

Other info
The grounding of Icon is done while we wait for the result of the investigation started by the manufacturer Aerodyne Research in order to establish the cause of what happened. The rig that experienced the issue will be sent to Aerodyne for inspection shortly. When the investigation is complete, a new evaluation of the Icon will be made. Aerodyne say they intend to proceed with the investigation as soon as possible.


Does anyone here know more about this? Did the incident in question happen in Sweden?

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