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Dec 2, 2012, 2:54 PM

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Re: [jacksonnt] Thailand Boogie

Sorry there Shane, the Thai Sky Boogie is now one of legend and no more. I think the last one was in 2008. Unfortunately that C-130 Herc Boogie was the last Herc boogie in the world and it too has gone the way of some of the great boogies of the world like Belize.

I was fortunate enough to go there twice and for a 3 week jump event (jump tickets, accommodations & breakfast) it was a skydiving mega event not to miss. I think it cost me $1,800 for the 3 weeks and I barely event spent $200 in extra spending cash (air miles to get there).

Anyways thanks Shane for the memories. I thought I burred it way back there as one of the forgotten great events in my life but its back again but with a smile on my face. The only other true "tropical" boogie I know of for the winter is Cabo

reEdit: Now that I've read the post, I must add that you are from Austrailia-land and your seasons are backwards. Winter is Dec-March and that is what I meant as winter tropical boogie. It's so funny and beyond my comprehension to think of JULY as the winter month where there is 2 feet of snow when it should be NOW.

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