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Meso  (Student)
Nov 29, 2012, 6:43 AM

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Re: [likestojump] Bug in classified

When posting an ad the Country listbox is mandatory, but the default state is blank. Seems like auto-populating is should be a no brainer, as the DB is queried on form load due to having the name and email being pre-populated. The dropdown is also unintuitively placed :(

leaving it blank results in the error that Maksimf showed. classifieds have an identical problem.

The Premier Member Ads featured section is no longer updating with the new ads since the time of the template change.

Since #2 was the most important of the issue it took priority and should now be working. Ads that were submitted in the past 24 or so hours by premium members will not show up as such until I manually go through them and switch them to the correct link, if in 12 hours you still don't see any of your paid links displayed as they should... Send me a PM with the URL (anyone who is affected) and I'll switch them for you so long.

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