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Nov 23, 2012, 6:17 AM

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Re: [mixedup] use of booties for breakoff safety?

Overtaking on breakoff can happen even if everyone on the jump is (or isn't) wearing booties. That's why the bigger the jump gets, the more important it becomes not for each individual to track as fast and far as they can, but to track the appropriate speed , angle, and distance specified in the breakoff plan (often through use of tracking groups, the mechanics of which the organizer should spend lots of time on).

For the group sizes you're talking about, however, there should be adequate space for everyone to track off on separate radials from the center and get adequate separation, so long as breakoff is high enough and everyone stays on their line. Unless people are drifting off their own line, overtaking shouldn't be a concern. If people can't stay on their line long enough to get safe separation, they may not be ready for a jump of that size.

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