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Nov 22, 2012, 6:46 AM

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Re: [stayhigh] Canopy climbs after 270

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Problem with super short recovery arc canopy is that, it almsot makes the swooper to turn lower to the ground, and they all expect that canopy itself will pull it out of the dive.

and sometimes that same canopy will not come out of the dive like used to and if you are still waiting for your canopy to do its thing, you are too late.

With short recovery arc canopy you need to be super precise. with canopy that can sink in, it is much easier and safer imo.

This is exactly what got me in a wheelchair (not counting my lack of skill). I've been struggling with pop ups exactly like that in the video before, sometimes I would get a "decent" lucky turf surf, but most of the time it was a struggle and cursing because of those pop ups.. I was using a Safire 2 129 with 10 kg lead which made my WL of around 1.3 (doing 270's).

That faithful day I popped up 3 times and I thought I'll just go harder on my last one to get a decent swoop and bam I got myself into ground.. I didn't increase my rotation that day, I only made it slower and it was enough for me to not react quick enough and whack myself..

It's true that canopies with short recovery demand a lot of skill and good judgement, furthermore emphasizing that it's not a good tool to learn to swoop on. Now I know why Velo's, Katana's and PD in general is the swoopers choice..

This was one of those when I didn't know wtf I did right, but it worked out "decently".

And this again, the failed one, after 3 pop ups, the 4th deciding one which got me, I thought that it will level out on it's own and might even pop up like always, but I was wrong and from a longer rotation, not a bigger one!

Be Safe

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