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Re: [pchapman] Jumped a 55 year old 26' Navy Conical

"In other words, I think the canopy had gotten a bunch of friction burn holes at one time. Plus one line had been replaced, being normal white instead of the yellow that everything else had earlier been dyed.

So at some point a jumper had an exciting ride, perhaps on a high speed opening, burning a bunch of holes in their undiapered round reserve! "

I had a what we called a garbage malfunction on my PC and cut away somewhat low and opened my 26' conical for the first time. I thought it was a perfect deployment since I had both ripcords in my hand (no beer buying penalty) and I saw my kicker plate frizbeeing off. I thought I would just follow the kicker plate and not have to buy anything. Just as I finished that thought I began to spin and when I looked up at the canopy again I had a May West and the canopy was full of silver dollar sized holes. About a quarted of the canopy was tucked in with two lines over. I didn't have a knife so I tried to do the burn trick but the ground was becoming an issue. I pulled in a similar amount of canopy in the adjacent quarter and stopped the spin just as I landed in a freshly plowed field. I never felt the ground. I weighed 150 at the time. I was really glad to see PCs third photo labeled "Wake Recontact". Back then, 1972, the theory was that the canopy "pancaked" and that the pilot chute looped under two lines and redeployed the whole canopy, pulling it under the two lines, thus causing the burn holes. Of course I always suspected the rigger and everyone else suspected I did something wrong, but from PCs photo I can see how it may have happened. Anyway, over 100 jumps and only two malfunctions isn't bad, unless you have them both on the same jump.

My canopy was white but I sold it to a friend who used it for practice cutaways and I have no idea where it may have ended up.

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