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Nov 18, 2012, 7:59 PM

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Re: [FlyingRhenquest] 2nd hands slipped...

I'm going to start working out way more! The only part of my body that hurts today is my left arm. I have little bruises on both shoulders, but my shoulders don't hurt. Thought I would be limping today from that landing, but I iced my ankle on and off last night and it's fine today. I'm pretty lucky. Tongue

I'll admit I freaked out yesterday, was a little shaken from my hands slipping. I didn't even arch so that's probably what the shoulder bruises are from. I never look at the ground while coming closer to it. I felt like I was coming in too fast and flared too early but kept my arms down. My instructor said that I flared a few seconds before I was supposed to. I don't remember the wind direction but yesterday the winds were 4-6 mph.

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