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JohnSherman  (D 2105)

Nov 18, 2012, 7:47 PM

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Re: [billvon] New Zealand Fatality

If you are very lucky.

I hope you are not saying that you have got to be lucky to get a reserve to open in 300 feet. If you are that is an inditement of our equipment. Sure mains take longer by design but a reserve is required by regulation to open in 300 feet, lucky or not.

Also, keep in mind that people are incredibly bad judges of altitude from the ground.

True, but to "hear" and look up to see the object thru inpact is usually worth considering. If he had had an AAD we could tell.


AAD firing altitude was determined by taking the required maximinum deployment distance (300ft) times the 2.5 safety margin commonly used by NASA to get 750 feet. Now some want and will get adjustable firing altitudes to allow them to be adjusted up to 1500 feet AGL. This is something to chew on, but on another thread.

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