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Nov 18, 2012, 3:21 AM

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Re: [Joellercoaster] do you tell your potential employers you skydive?

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it's used to screen out, not screen in.

I disagree; it’s used to screen for both yes & no, but more so for the yes pile. If you note you’re into bird watching on your CV – it doesn’t get you into my yes pile, but I’m not going to drop your CV in the bin just because it doesn’t intrigue me.

I suggest briefly listing at least two or three hobbies/interests –not just one “this is my passion & life” example. This yields a greater chance of “connecting” with the interviewer and allows for any single one to be augmented by the others.

When you’re sending a CV or in an interview, every other CV/applicant will have the requisite background/education. How does yours stand out? If they narrow down to five people who all eminently qualified, then it comes down to qualitative measures. Why not give them information.

But keep it short. Note the activity/interest; if asked about it give a short reply but not a “fanciful” description of how your hobby directly relates to the role in question. (i.e. don’t give them a long-winded story of how your kayaking skills directly relate to the job – it comes across as trying too hard).

Over the past two decades, I’ve assessed CVs and hired people for roles in Europe, US and Asia in a very competitive and high-paying sector. This is feedback from how I’ve gone about the review process and the methods of colleagues involved in the same process. Yes, it does come down to being more of an art than science, but at least attempt to gear the game in your favour.

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