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Re: [skyjack71] A HEART WARMING STORY?

Jo wrote
DO NOT in any way suggest Weber had a drug problem OR you will find YOURSELF in court.

So sue me Jo. Lets say you could prove that I damaged Duane's reputation with a defamatory statement. The burden of proof for damages is on the plaintiff. Good luck on that one Jo.

Do you think you could convince a jury that his reputation was worth fifty cents? If you could you have missed your calling as a trial lawyer. Damaging Duane's reputation is legally similar to running into a parked derelict stripped out vandalized wreck of a car. Sure, the owner could sue you but the damages would be "de minimus" as the law books say.

You rant more about lawsuits than anyone on the forum. You'd better have a big stack of DBC twenties if you think you can finance litigation. Lawyers will strip your purse faster than Duane ever did with any of his victims.

I like you Jo but I do not think Duane was a good guy. I worked with over 100 "Duanes". Most of them had a "Jo" who swore that their mate was different from all the other crooks.

You see Duane as a basically benevolent person and at times even a hero. I don't share your opinion of his character or his abilities.


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