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It was in Colorado Duane found she had been using pot and this little sencario was his way of putting an end to it

The Duane Weber Drug Rehab Method: here child, lets smoke some dope together. Odd...

I am truly glad he took care of you and loved you Jo. That way you have some good memories to neutralize the bad ones left by a sociopathic liar, con man and thief.

I've been thinking about Duane's arrest record. I defended accused criminals for years. Junkies get arrested all the time because they steal and when they are high their judgement is shot. They are easy pickings for cops. Even the junkies didn't have 26 arrests. I was trying to recall the highest number of arrests any of my clients had and I can't recall any higher than 14.

26 arrests... Was there something in jail that Duane craved?


As of recent your posts regarding me are SICK!

If other parents handled the pot situation the way Duane did - there would be far fewer 50 yr olds out there hooked on the stuff and worse! Unless you have done a successful parenting job yourself - DON'T MAKE negative remarks about HOW other's handled such events in the 70's.

26 arrests? I don't know where you got that information from - but, I have NOT been provided with such information from the FBI or legal sources.

DO NOT in any way suggest Weber had a drug problem OR you will find YOURSELF in court.
Never sully Duane's name with drugs. THAT is something he DID NOT DO. He tried pot and even used it for a short time and even I tried it one time - one time was all it took for me.

NEVER insenutate someone is a drug user unless you have proof otherwise. The young man who told Duane that his "step-daughter" was doing some bad things was only looking out for her best interest. (TODAY IT WOULD BE ADMIRABLE FOR FRIENDS OF DRUG USERS TO CONTACT THE PARENTS).

I never knew how Duane obtained those nickel bags - PERHAPS - he asked the young man how she was getting the pot or who was providing the pot....maybe he went to the source. Knowing Duane that is exactly what he did.

If I had ever known this would become an issue with you of all people I would never have mentioned it.

GO TO HELL! Beginning to think you are connected to the PAST or have knowledge of the PAST - after all you do live in CA - right there where his parents lived and his brother lived and where there was a woman who claimed she was pregnant with Duane's child.

Your Remark! "Was there something in jail Duane craved."
THAT was uncalled for and unethical - and you know it.

No Duane was not bisexual if that is what you are "hinting"
at. I was not born yesterday.
IN FACT - I have a story to tell you, but NOT on the thread.

Duane went into the system as a young man....I even suggested a couple of yrs back he may have been "raped" and then provided shelter as he aged for other young prisoners. Duane was Tall and he could look very very ominous and mean. There were 2 guys I met from Duane's past but, the vibration from the individuals was of admiration and gratitude. One thanked him for all he did for him and I did not understand what that was all about.

I did not suspect a prison factor as I knew nothing about Duane having been in prison until 1990 and then only learned about a few months in Jefferson and as John Collins. I would not know about the other prisons until yrs after I contacted the FBI. Remember they DENIED Duane was in certain "prisons".
They chose the wrong prisons to base this claim upon - because they had no idea what the hell I knew and/or had found about Duane's past...I didn't find this stuff (a brilliant young man who came to my aid found the 'stuff' BEFORE it disappeared from the criminal files and the prison files). FBI needs to EXPLAIN this to the public!

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