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Nov 16, 2012, 9:59 PM

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New evidence (see: 'whopper') about money find at Tena Bar

Georger says in part:

'Keep in mind small son, I was born and raised in the great State of Washington, in and near the bailout zone of DB Cooper, which is one helluva a lot more than you can claim ... and how do I know?

Because YOU SAID SO!...'

No. Because Geoff Gray says so. Instead of complaining to me, you should be taking this up with the source (Gray) if it isn't true. Just wondering why I have to quote him again, from (Deja Vu Time) page 171:

'One is Georger, a retired lab whiz and entrepreneur named (withheld). He grew up in the Cooper search area and remembers talking about the Cooper case every Thanksgiving dinner...'

I notice on a following page that Gray also quotes you as saying you believe that Flight 305 went west off the flight path and close to Tena Bar? I didn't realize you were a fan of the 'flight path is wrong' theory. And did you REALLY interview 'scores of former FBI agents and air traffic officials?' (Page 258) Scores? That's a lot of interviews. You are to be commended for that effort. Did you keep notes?

On the Bruce Smith story: Read it. The fishermen (they were boys at the time) didn't keep any of the shards, said they were only corner pieces, and told no one about it, even though the finding of the Tena Bar money just weeks later went national news.

Now Galen Cook finds these guys four decades after the hijacking? No shards. Never came forward until now? Fishermen, always got a whopper of a story, LOL. Without proof, it goes into the Cooper Fable Vault.

Pretty thin, in any case. Let's face it, anyone could say today that they found a few shards before Brian Ingram did. The location of the find has been famous for more than thirty years. Crazy

This is no reflection on Bruce Smith. It's his job to report these things. It's not like he made up this piece of hogwash. That was done by others. I'll keep subscribing to the Mountain News.

Robert said:

'There's only been one symposium so far. I've been to Ariel, talked to 377 and his very nice wife, interviewed Dona Elliot, spoke with Brian Ingram. Did an article about it for Newsvine. Mostly I stayed low profile and 99% of the people there didn't know who I was and that was fine with me. I thought the best part was the lookalike contest. If people asked questions, I try to give them reasonable answers. Did four slideshows over a weekend at the Auburn Ave Theatre and answered so many questions my voice was gone at the end of it. I'm a pretty laid-back guy, generally...'
MeyerLouie: BLEVINS......................NEVER MIND!

Too late. Maybe you should have just linked THIS. I liked Gilda Radner.

Robert: 'Just can't do Ariel this year. Next year, yes. Symposium in Tacoma, yes. I'm going to ask the museum if they'd like to use the countertop piece found in KC's house, and a few other items, as long as they return them after the display is closed...'


Robert says: Actually, the exhibit folks thought it was just enough information for them. Their response was positive. I'm tossing in some blow-ups of certain photographs and documents, with side captions showing their significance, and some other stuff.

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