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Gato  (C License)

Nov 16, 2012, 2:23 PM

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Re: [xijonix] PD 9-cells

If I may offer my opinion (based on my limited personal experience as a jumper and rigger...)

Let me preface this: Some people would say Twin Otters or King Airs are "better" than the old Cessna 182s. Is that true? Some say a Suzuki GSX-R is a better bike than a Harley Davidson Sportster. Is that true?

Every parachute has advantages and disadvantages. Most F-111 canopies won't land you as pretty as ZP mains (depending on the pilot, of course.) On the other hand, as time and exposure to UV goes by, ZP material is prone to catastrophic failure, where an F-111 might only develop a hole or small rip. (This is why you don't find many ZP reserve pilot chutes, and good luck finding a ZP reserve.)

I made my first 200 or so jumps on a PD230 made in 1996, and frankly, it was/is a great canopy. There are a LOT of people who will tell you emphatically not to buy a canopy made of F-111, but there are also some old-timers who'll tell you they hate ZP. Your personal mileage will always vary.

I've had way more hard (and weird,) openings on ZP mains as opposed to those of my PD230. And lest we forget, you can hold a PD 9-cell in deep brakes and sink it into just about anywhere.

Talk to your instructors, talk to demo jumpers, talk to the old guys who don't walk with a limp. None of us here are qualified to tell you what you should buy.

"Now you go and get your checkbook while I start filling the forms in..." Wink

Edited to add: You might also notice that 99.9% of all BASE canopies are NOT made of ZP. I wonder why that is...

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