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Nov 16, 2012, 8:49 AM

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Re: [airtwardo] Jump Shack Angel Fire or PD-R which one would you buy?

Can't speak to the angelfire, never flown one or seen one.

I've jumped (after cutaway) and demo'd both the PDR143 and OP 143, as well as demo'd the PDR126 OP 126. I also demo the OP 143 (or whatever reserve I own) at least once a year. I've packed both many times, as well as numerous others.

The OP143 hits the sweet spot for comfortably survivable for me, at 1.4:1. The OP 126 @ 1.6:1 did not seem to be comfortably survivable with one toggle popped, all weight on one side of harness (to simulate unconsciousness) for me. The PDR 143 also has the same feeling of comfortable survivability.

The OP143 has a stronger flare, as well as flies "better" (take that how you want). I felt the OP143 could be easily landed at 1.4:1 as a PLF only. I felt the OP126 could have also been landed with a PLF only without injury, but I preferred the 143 in worst case scenario.

I have never flown a Smart, only packed them. I have not been impressed with watching them land at any wl over 1.2:1, nor have the pilots who landed them. Of course, that is only anecdotal, so I can't verify that statement, so take it for what it's worth.

Structually, the PD reserves seem to be one of the best, and their qc and customer service speaks for itself.

The downside to the OP is you can't get dacron lines. Dacron lines are highly recommended for any jumper whose exit weight is over 220 or puts a camera on their head. The PDR is available with Dacron lines.

The Precision R-Max seems like and is built like a very strong canopy, but then you have to deal with Precision customer service, which, historically, can be lacking (but the owner often is the guy answering the phone, which is awesome).

My recommendation: Which one do you have a local dealer for? Jump Shack and PD both make good products, and both have great customer service. Ask your rigger which he'd prefer to pack.

Buy Local and ask your rigger! Rarely does shopping online in this industry save you much, provided you ask and compare with your local gearstore. Keeping your sales tax in your community is better for you as an individual. Keeping profit at your DZ helps for improvements to your dz and possibly staves off a jump ticket price increase.

In general, though, most riggers will say PD because they are the most common and have great support and a great reputation.

The problem with asking for advice over the internet is that you don't know who is answering. Believe it or not, all these companies WANT to sell you equipment and are happy to talk to you about it. Realistically, at the level you are and your wingloading, most equipment will serve your purposes. You may look at TSO limits, though, because some DZ's enforce them. This limits your container brand.

Try giving the manufacturer's a call. They don't care if you are buying new or used, they'd love to help you out.

PD- (386) 738-2224
Jump Shack(386) 734-5867
Aerodyne-(813) 891 6300
Sunrise (Wings) (813) 780-7369 (Higher weight TSO)
Icarus 877-216-6958
Precision 423-949-9499
VSE (Inifity) (253) 445-8790 (because they are awesome)

Call them, don't be shy!

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