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Nov 14, 2012, 12:07 PM

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Re: [NWFlyer] Godfrog site updated

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Well, Professor, time to update the site again. I'm excited to say that the team I was on, "What's the Next Point?", won this year's Godfrog!

After spending the week packing next to a rowdy group from Skydive New England, monkycndo and I jumped at the chance to join them for 10-way when they were looking for more folks to round out their team (the count was six from SNE, two from Skydive Carolina, one from Skydive Twin Cities, and the two of us from SkyDance).

Our primary goal was to have an absolute blast, and we definitely achieved that one - I don't think I've ever laughed so hard in a day of jumping! As a bonus, the skydives themselves weren't too bad for a pickup team; we actually got 3 completions in <35 seconds and were really close on all the rest. Smile

There's a photo floating around Facebook (link here though I don't think the photo is public) with 9 of the 11 team members with the award (unfortunately, the Monkey and I missed the ceremony because we had to fly back to meet a commitment at home). The official team photo is here (Team 1812) with the full team and all the names.

Edit, found a clearer photo from Chad Wilcox on FB from the awards ceremony:;type=3&theater

Honored to be a part of such a great skydiving tradition!CoolCool

DONE! Unfortunately you seem to be AWOL from the photo I have.

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