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Nov 13, 2012, 6:35 PM

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Re: [-Joey-] DZO's: Lower limit on canopy size?

The point of skydiving isn't to jump as small a canopy as possible. It's not a goal you should even have in your mind. It's not a goal, period. I can't think of a single discipline where the person with the smallest canopy is the winner.

Your canopy is a tool that you pick for the job you have in mind. It's not the job itself. Wink

Honestly - the only people who might think you're awesome for jumping a small canopy are absolute newbies, or morons you want to stay as far as possible from.

Pick a skill-based goal that you're aiming for. It may be you want to do wingsuiting in the future, or you want to get into swooping. Now come up with a progression that lets you get there.

Given we know nothing about you, I'm going to assume you're right at the beginning, so for swooping find a mentor and be honest about what you want to do. They'll teach you drills and skills that you can develop as your jump numbers grow that are appropriate for your skill level. When you've mastered (MASTERED, not just 'done a few') those then it's time to drop a canopy size and remaster them, all the while adding more experience.

You're asking questions that translate to 'I want to be as dangerous as possible, while administratively getting away with it' and that raises HUGE red flags about your entire atttitude - now that may not be your intent - communicating over a forum can easily give the wrong impression.

How about this - what do you want to achieve? Simply answer that, and we'll be able to give good advice.
Even if you say 'I want to fly the smallest possible canopy in the shortest possible time', there's an answer. (Find a kickass canopy coach and HAMMER out the jumps, but progress in stages).

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