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Nov 13, 2012, 6:23 PM

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Re: [waveoff5500] DZO's: Lower limit on canopy size?

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i have to disagree, thats the funny thing about skydiving, you can get hurt on either side Wink

What I took this to mean is, don't get fooled into thinking that just because you make conservative choices, you can't get hurt in this sport.

I've seen many people who don't feel the need to further their canopy flying ability because they fly a conservative canopy. Increasing your knowledge and skill in canopy flight will only increase the chances of your next meeting with the ground going well.

To the OP, to experienced people in this sport your question sounds like this: What is the maximum number of bullets you can use while playing Russian roulette before someone takes the gun away from you?

edited to take out "safe". The OP never mentioned he wanted to be safe.

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