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jacketsdb23  (D 29802)

Nov 13, 2012, 8:40 AM

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Re: [-Joey-] DZO's: Lower limit on canopy size?

Joey -

You may think this is fun and games. You could probably even get away with jumping a high performance canopy (maybe). My concern at this point, is your attitude. The way you are approaching this whole thing is reckless.

I'd much rather see someone with less skill approach something with the right attitude, then a highly skilled athlete approach something with a poor attitude.

Its not about jump numbers. Its about attitude, experience, approach and goals. It sounds like you only have an end game without considering the path to get there. Please consider this as constructive criticism. You may be entirely different in person, but all we can go by is your reckless approach on the internet.

If you approached me at the DZ with this attitude, I wouldn't let you jump a Navigator 260.

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