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Nov 13, 2012, 7:33 AM

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Re: [mccordia] Sony Action Cam - GoPro competitor (HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15)

Aha! I thought the front cover was a one-piece mould. Given the replacements available, this is a nice solution. Though they are rather expensive from what I've seen ($50 for 3 - one of each type):

I was also wanting to mount the camera to the side of my helmet rather the top (better framing IMO, door clearance and I can change the orientation from HD to Head up).

A small C-Bracket is the obvious choice but I also had an idea to drill 2 holes into the side of the waterproof case so that I can mount it directly. I just need some low profile 'flanged nuts'. The flanged nut would sit flush inside the case with some of the nut poking through the holes and slightly into the helmet. There appears to be enough room between the camera body and the case for this to work.

Something like this would be ideal as a wider flange spreads the forces across the case.

Or maybe even better, a strip of metal on the inside with countersunk nuts coming out to mate with the helmet.

Saying that, the direct mount idea would be a pain to switch between head-up and head-down compared to a C-bracket and I'd always be worried that the plastic case would smply not stand the strain and crack at some point.

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