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Andy9o8  (D License)

Nov 12, 2012, 5:53 PM

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Re: [Viper3197] Parents With Young Children

Even all the financial considerations aside, you need to assess the short- and long-term impact upon your family and child of you dying (or being catastrophically maimed) young, versus the emotional and psychological benefit you derive from skydiving. That is unique for every person, and every family.

Skydivers who raised families while skydiving will always tell you stories of how it worked out fine - for them. Those are the ones who are a bit more likely to post on a site like this when threads like this one periodically come up.

There are also skydivers who stopped skydiving once they started having kids, took a long hiatus, and only resumed once their kids were grown or nearly grown. I'm one of them. I loved jumping and hated leaving it, but decided I was not willing to subject my kids to the enhanced risk (which it is) of losing their father while they were still young. I only resumed once they were in their later teens. My story is hardly unique.

Only you can decide best what's right for you.

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