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Nov 12, 2012, 4:46 PM

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Re: [nigel99] Parents With Young Children

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Life insurance that covers skydiving covers your family, you may struggle to get permanent disability cover and that is something else to consider.

More than one insurance agent smooth laughed me out of his office when I was trying to get disability insurance. Between the job riding a motorcycle and the competitive swooping (actually, they didn't care it was swooping, just that it was skydiving, that I had ratings and I competed).

My wife and I are taking a break from skydiving having started our family almost three years ago and now have two young children. Not because of the danger, but because of the logistics. The closest DZ is a 2 hour drive and it isn't fair to our family to blow out an entire weekend to jump at the tempo that we wanted to. We would rather take a break and come back to the sport with the level of participation we want to have.

In the interim my wife took up triathlons and marathons, I took up photography and powerlifting. Why? The competitions are only a couple of times a year and our training typically takes place in the very wee hours of the morning, before the kids wake up with each of us alternating training days.

How important was skydiving in our lives? We met due to skydiving, I proposed via a skydive and our honeymoon was to the Holiday Boogie in Eloy.

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