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Nov 6, 2012, 9:13 AM

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Re: [Mr_Polite] AFF instructor salary

If you want more money start hucking tandems or get a real job. One that provides you with possible retirement benefits and health care. Keep raising the price of AFF and soon enough people will stop coming.

I think you're confused, or intentionally posting unrelated topics.

There's a big difference between upping the per-jump pay of your instructors by a couple bucks, and offering a pension and health care. I agree that being a skydiving instructor is never going to be a 'real' job in that you can make a career out of it, feed your family, send your kids to college and retire, but that doesn't mean that the pay should stagnate for decades.

The work hasn't gotten any easier, but the pay is the same as is was 15 years ago. Living expenses, gear and rigging, and gas to drive to the DZ all cost more, and jumpers are still limited as to how many jumps they can make per day, so I don't think that a 'cost of living' increase is out of the question.

Maybe base it on seniority, once a guy has been working there for 2 or 3 seasons, bump them up a notch in pay. Once they hit 5 or 6 years, bump them again. Sure, it's costs more to send the senior staffers up on a jump, but those same people have been helping the DZ make money for years, and probably spending money there for longer.

Again, it's a long way from a pension and health care. Kicking in another $3 to $5 a jump for some of your dedicated employees isn't asking much.

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