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Nov 4, 2012, 8:05 AM

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Re: [popsjumper] Audible's for new jumpers

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your best altimeters...your eyeballs.

The Mk1 eyeball doesn't come calibrated, it deteriorates with age, it's myopic, hyperopic, it has zero depth perception beyond about 50ft, it goes blurry if it gets dirt or wind in it or the thing covering it mists up, it gets tired, it is easily confused if it's looks down at a DZ or an altitude it's never seen before and it gets steadily more inaccurate the higher it gets. I know of one dz where the surrounding fields are much smaller than normal and they have had so many low pull incidents from visitors who rely on the Mk1 eyeball that they now include the advice NOT to eyeball the altitude in their standard safety brief.

Don't get me wrong, the eyeball is an essential bit of kit that should be trained and developed, but it is not fool proof.

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