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Nov 3, 2012, 4:34 AM

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Re: [RyanFYF] Radios on AFF students: WAS - Bad Tandem

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They used radios on my aff jumps but I only got talked to on my second jump. I was actually suprised that no one said anything on my first jump, the second jump all I got was "doing good, watch your altitude, ok good turn, there ya go!, flare! PERFECT!"

then jumps 3-7 never heard anything. A few times the instructor would even ask if someone told me to turn or to flare and when I said no, he just nodded and said "oh, cool. good job"

That was just my personal experience but I never found the radio destracting or a crutch I guess because they barely used it on me. But if I was doing something wrong on the first jumps I would hope someone would scream at me to turn lol

Good story. In my opinion that is exactly how radios should be used. Have them available if they are needed, but don't say anything unless really needed.

If the training is reasonable, they should at least be able to land in the vicinity of the normal landing area.

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