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Nov 1, 2012, 3:40 PM

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Re: [robinheid] Bad Tandem

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Funny that you mention abandonment -- without even noticing that this is precisely what every "AFF" instructor does as soon as the "FF" is over; plummet 2500K below the student so they can hurry up and make the next turn, leaving the actual under-canopy "instruction" to the bandaid that is a radio in the hands of one "instructor" juggling two or three radios because s/he drew the short straw.

If that's how it's actually done at dropzones in your observation or experience Robin, then that is not only just a shame, it is, IMO - WRONG.

Sure, if you predicate your argument just strictly based upon that model or premise - you win - hands down. But this is clearly not the best, let alone what should be even accepted as any "industry practice" for student radio procedure/ops. Surely no-one would actually advocate that.

I am of mixed feelings on radio & radio use / perceived possible dependency. I can actually see both your points, and I know I have posted on this in much greater detail (than I care or have time right now to get into here) before elsewhere. I think I may have even myself somewhere once, actually even started a thread, with very similar title.

I will either find it and reference it, or weigh-in with my experience examples on more proper radio protocol procedures I've observed, later. But this example given, is just plain - sad. Disappointing to say the least, if anywhere this is truly, some(s) actual practice.

P.S. - Quick Edit to add: I take exception at your comment / premise that: "this is precisely what every "AFF" instructor does..."

Robin, I am an AFF instructor, and this is *NOT* what I do! ...Nor is it what any other AFF instructor I either work with, or have recently observed at several dropzones I've experienced does in fact and/or in practice either! Mad

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