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Oct 31, 2012, 5:15 AM

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Radios on AFF students: WAS - Bad Tandem

Radios breed dependency, dampen initiative, and reduce awareness building.

That's just silly, and you know it. Using a radio for the first 5 or 6 jumps does nothing but help the student to ensure that they have a safe canopy flight, and if used properly, they can help the student learn faster. Train the student as if there was no radio, and remind them that it could fail at any time, but in the end what could be better than having an experienced jumper literally in your ear during your first couple of solo canopy rides?

Again, the reason we have AADs and AFFIs is because you don't know how a student will perform. You plan for the worst and hope for the best. If you believe that the skydive is not over once the canopy is open (as I do), why would you stop the 'teaching' at that point when you don't have to.

Most injuries and fatalities these days happen after a good opening. To simply abandon a student at that point for no reason is non-sense. We help students though the first few exits, we help them though the first few practice (and actual) pulls, and we should be there to help them through the first few jumps under canopy.

Even if a student stays on the radio for 10 jumps, they'll have more than twice that many jumps by the time they get a license. Any dependency they have on a radio will have to disappear within 5 or 6 jumps of taking the radio off, or they will never meet the accuracy rewuirements for the license. We're not talking about dependency of GPS, or an audible altimeter, which would be present on every jump made well past the student training days, the radio is just another tool to help teach students, and is a valid and simple part of a good (and prudent) student training program.

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