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Oct 29, 2012, 6:08 PM

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Re: [baRRRpirate] much is too much?

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Currently I've been jumping (renting) a Silhouette 230. I feel good on this thing, I've spent a lot of time pulling at 5000+ to get the hang of it ie. riser turns, stall point, dives etc...but now I'm looking to fill a container that I purchaced with a Sabre2 210. I wanted to buy a container/ main that would give me hundereds if not a thousand jumps without me getting bored.

When you buy used at a fair price, mains and containers each depreciate about $1 per jump. Assuming you don't buy custom gear in your colors too soon you can spend the same money whether you go through 1 container or 3 and 1 main or 6 in 1000 jumps although it'll probably cost less to go through more mains because that lets you avoid getting to where you need new lines ($200-$300, which can happen in just 500 jumps with Spectra lines that go out of trim) and with good negotiating skills you may even turn a small profit through buying low and selling high.

Health insurance deductibles can be $500 on a good employer provided plan and $5000 on a catastrophic plan, co-insurance can run a few thousand more, and disability insurance usually only replaces 60% of your pre-injury income. This can really add-up, especially when one injury can imply three surgeries over a period of years to get you back to your original state. This disregards how much things like stretching nerves hurts.

Think about that a little bit and you'll realize that trying to buy one parachute and container that you'll grow into isn't buying you anything but could cost you a lot.

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exit weight of 215

As people have noted the skills outlined by Bill von Novak and Brian Germain are good pre-requisites for down-sizing. Brian's 1.0 + .1/100 jumps with adjustments dictating larger canopies is a reasonable minimum with bigger being better.

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