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Oct 25, 2012, 8:24 PM

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Re: [rss_v] Fury 220, DOM 12/2000 - ZP or F111?

I've been jumping rental Nav 240's mostly so far, so as long it's not worse than those (they seem fine!) then I won't notice or mind.

It will be much worse than a Navigator. The Nav is a great canopy with lots of flare and good forward speed. The Fury will have less forward speed (despite being 20 sq ft smaller) and don't expect much in the flare department with an exit weight north of 200lbs.

Just skip the Fury all together. Where have you been looking for gear? Keep in mind that Chuting Star has a great escrow program where they will inspect used gear and handle payments between private sellers/buyers. You can buy from the US knowing that your money is secure and that your gear will be in the condition that you're expecting.

Another option, PM 'likestojump' on this site, and see what he has for sale. He buys and sells used gear all the time, and does quite a bit of business with overseas customers so payments and shipping are no big deal. He has a great reputation, and I think there's even a thread about what a great guy is to work with.

Edit to add -;#3426416

There were actually two threads -;#3789010

I also noticed that he posted right above me, so you don't even have to type in his name to PM him.

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