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Oct 24, 2012, 1:14 PM

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Re: [TrickyMike] New guy here... How dangerous is this stuff?

For those of you who have been doing this a long time, how have your thoughts about how dangerous skydiving is changed over time, with experience, more jumps, etc? Would anyone care to offer some insight on how your perception of the dangers may have changed over the years? Is there anything you look back on now and think, MAN, I wish I knew this back when I started out.

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Heck ya can go 'almost' your whole Skydiving career without getting killed! Wink

I started jumping at the ripe ole age of 18...that's 38 years ago. I've been hurt a few times but never injured.

As has already been pointed out, minimising the risk is a key factor.

You're doing the right thing ~ learning as much as you can, asking questions, observing...Cool

The two things that will get ya to room temperature quick, are complacency & the OTHER guy. . .you always need to be on the look-out for both.

You asked how ones perspective may have changed over time...

I started back when the gear was ratty, the aircraft even worse and there was really only one rule ~Don't do nuthin' stoopid' Other than that ya were a lot more on your own back than compared to now.

Young & bulletproof I did a lot of really 'stoopid' things in retrospect...When I started losing friends who were doing a lotta the same shit I was, it made it real.

Made me reevaluate the risk/reward thing pretty hard.

I became VERY conservative & methodical in my approach...If I have any advice to offer it would be to keep that mind-set foremost ~ but also understand you may still get bitten.

As said above ~ You'll NEVER be too good not to die in this sport.

Some of the BEST the sport has ever seen are gone, 1/4 inch...1/4 second...sometimes that's the difference between makin' your mark in the world figuratively ....or literally Wink

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