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I have a coach rating and have been coaching since May just about every weekend. My question is what creative dive flows do other coaches/AFF's do with a student that has finished his student progression and now has a few extra jumps before the required 25. I have played tag with students (working on level changes and flying relative) but am looking for other dive flows that still allow the student to learn but is fun. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated

I think different exits create the most fun.

If their progression has not yet included exiting with the wind at their back, as in a "sit-fly" exit, they are almost sure to enjoy that.

Also, sitting in the door of an airplane like a Caravan or Otter and falling backwards "scuba style" is fun. Of course a 2 person "tube" dive is fun. (Be careful.)

For a small Cessna, going "down the side" is an idea.

You can act like an AFF student and tell them that they are going to be in the instructor position and hold onto you on exit. It is an interesting role reversal if they trained via AFF.

A favorite freefall formation of mine is doing a 2-way compressed accordian, and having one of you backloop while the other is doing a frontloop. Teaches timing and teamwork for sure. Then do some 360s while still docked.

And of course there is a tracking dive, but don't track so much as do a forward motion and stay really close together. This will be a challenge for both of you.

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