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Oct 22, 2012, 6:34 PM

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Re: [-Joey-] Crossfire2 vs Katana

I have flown both... The KA feels a lot faster, both in forward speed, and "ground hungry-ness". You definitely have to be in the game to fly a KA, otherwise it will get ahead of you. (Landing pattern, knowing when to use rears to get home on a long spot, etc.) When I jumped a Crossfire after hundreds of jumps on a KA, it felt like I upsized...

With over 1000 jumps on a KA120 loaded nearly 2:1 - I have had 1 line twist experience, which I cut away. It was a very angry canopy, but my friend with a Crossfire has cut his away more often... My stats are 0.1% line twists on my KA... I have had more line twists on my BASE canopy and Sabre2 170 and my old Pilot 210...

The KA can open beautifully on heading, and it can open off heading... I choose not to jump it on anything larger than a 15-20+ way... But that is mainly because the speed in which it flies is so much faster than the other canopies that will be in the sky... I just rather be more conservative on those jumps, especially when other canopies also open off heading.

I have not had enough jumps on the Crossfire to judge if it has more propensity to line twists, because it would take over 1000 jumps to get enough data to be statistically significant against a 1 in 1000 experience with my KA....

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