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Oct 21, 2012, 11:01 PM

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Re: [DSE] Sony Action Cam - GoPro competitor (HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15)

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Is the 4K option on the GP3 actual 4K chip, or is it done through uprezing?

It's an ambarella chip, so I *believe* it's native. But it's still a super small chip.

Is it an A7 chip? Because if so there is something that puzzles me. The highest data rate on GP3 is 132,7Mpixels/s at 4096x2160@15fps but the A7 chip is stated to be capable of processing up to 500 Mpixels/s. Wouldn't that mean that, that chip could do 3840x2160@60fps (497,7Mpixels/s) or am I missing something? Is the limitation on GP3 the sensor chip? Since at least with a quick search the best sensor I could find was OV12830 which can do 4224x3000@24fps (304,12 Mpixels/s). And would all this mean that in few years time there will be GP4 which can do at least 4k@24 fps or even more?

Edit : OmniVision seems to actually have a sensor chip(OV16820) that can do 3840x2160@60fps but I somehow missed that. So if I'm not mistaken it would be possible to already build a camera that can do 4k@60fps.

Edit2 : Just realized that the 500Mpixels/s on the A7(hybrid) chip probably means raw data and not compressed and the best compressed it can do is 2560x1600@30fps (122,9Mpixels/s).

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