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Oct 21, 2012, 10:35 AM

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Re: [bigbearfng] Should WE demand "standardized wingsuit training via USPA"

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No. I've explained why several times. If you're not able to read my reasoning, I'm sorry.
Standardization and "current USPA instructors with 200 jumps" don't go together. Just because someone can fly a wingsuit (or do anything else well) does not make them capable of providing standard, safe information that protects other skydivers, wingsuiters, or DZO's/aircraft.
I'm in favor of standardization.

That's funny because the USPA allows jumpers with only what 100 jumps that have proven efficiency by passing a coach course to teach first time jumpers the FJC. Hmm that STANDARDIZED. Seems to go together just fine so far. Oh ya but we have students bouncing all over the place right?

Seems like a power grab to me.

I will let others make up their own mind on this one. I have.

There may well be no further financial gain to be had for you, however with your above statement calling it a "power grab" is sure how it comes off.

And with all due respect, I still would really like to know what these exit techniques are that encourage tail-strikes that are being taught out there?

Just to be clear~

It was EFS4LIFE that made the 'power grab' comment not DSE.

~this part is addressed to EFS4LIFE: power grab

I'm not trying to be condescending in anyway here, I have nothing but respect for you and your accomplishments both in & out of the sport...but I want to point something out to you, that ya may wanna reflect on for a second.

This is the 2nd argument you've voiced that IMO has no validity in fact.

The 1st was in regard to the monetary gains DSE would 'surely realize' if this thing goes through.

Via PM's I asked you if you had any factual information to cite or if it was an opinion you were basically parroting - unfounded concerns you'd heard.

As I did then on that - I'll ask you now on this.

~ how exactly do you perceive this 'power grab' that you brought up will take place?

Sketch it out for me because I don't understand HOW the pathway to power (and riches) presents itself to an instructor at a southern California drop-zone who is IMO simply trying to promote a safe progression into an area of the sport with which he's intimately familiar??

IF that were the case, trust me the USPA is the last place DSE would be lobbying to get a standardized curriculum instituted.

So again~ how EXACTLY does this power grab take place?

You're an LEO, you understand the importance of being objective and not relying on unfounded conjecture.

When I hear the Power Grab argument I think - prema facie case, for the record, are ya stating opinion, theory or what.

I object - Hearsay ~ you're stating facts not in evidence.

How EXACTLY did you arrive at that conclusion...Angelic

Edited to add:
The reason I bring this up this way is because it's an easy trap to fall into.

I did it myself, this past summer I was presented with some 1st hand information regarding Wicked Wingsuits that allowed me to draw some conclusions that were NOT necessarily accurate.

Instead of contacting WW with my concern I went off 'ready-fire-aim'.

Later WW cleared some things up with me showing that just because 'A' is true, my conjecture that 'B' & 'C' must also be true was not only unfounded but but also unfair.

I realize that though I had some valid concerns and still might on a couple of things, I had/have no evidence to support my fear...oops. Wink

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