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Re: [slotperfect] Beginner with 2 questions

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I jump in Gatorz now mostly, but the goggles that I like best are Sorz goggles. They fit great and are easy to keep adjusted. Their only disadvantage is that once the foam starts to break down it may leave a little residue on your face, and once it starts peeling from the lens it's all over. They come in clear, dark grey, yellow, mirror silver, and mirror blue.

The Benny is a super helmet - far superior to a Pro Tec, and well within your budget. Doug Park (Owner of Sky Systems USA) is a good friend of mine and he takes good care of his customers.

Like. I use Sorz for a myriad of applications, the Harley, eye protection for chainsaws, changing oil (or anything under the truck), painting, gun range, etc. Always have two new fresh ones at the ready.

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