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Oct 20, 2012, 7:02 AM

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Re: [EFS4LIFE] BOD...Here is what I would like to see

What I'm saying is, he will listen to you too, he will listen to ALL members! You got something better to bring to the table, bring it on and I'm sure you will be heard and given the same amount of time & respect as shown to the WS proposal.

Ok so he is for it..... I also know he is for the members, all the members and will listen to all, that is why is it up for a vote, for all to have a say.

I don't let one issue rule how I vote. The bottom line here is we as an industry are facing some major changes in the near future. We can't tell what those changes are going to be yet, right now as we play pissing contests, the FAA is deciding how & what they are going to do, the end results yet to be seen.

We might dodge a bullet and nothing changes, OR the pending proposed changes are published and now that is a game changer for all. It now opens the door for the prying eyes. It's better to be proactive, in regards to WS, complex, longer freefall times, longer distances, possible conflicts with other AC.

We already have a large target on us in the GA world, skydivers are not well liked or wanted around in "their airspace" or on "their airports", all you got to do is read the few public submitted comments on the PLA crap.... That is a common attitude in the rest of aviation.

I'm not defending the WS proposal, I'm still on the fence as to a rating program. But I favor clear and standard practices set by USPA in the bsr's and sims. We need to be mindful of "see & avoid" as well as IMC flight rules.

The outlaw shit is cool & fun, I know, used to take part in the fun. The difference is, back then they had to be standing there to see you and then bust you. We also didn't have this many bodies in the skies and most of all we did go around posting the videos and photos all over the internet for the general public, lawyers, FAA, NTSB, pilots who don't want us around to see and use to prove their point to the those with the powers to fuck us. So many avg Joe/Jane skydivers are totally clueless as to all the pending crap and what it all means, if it don't personally effect them or they don't see an immediate threat to them..... hell most are too lazy to even vote, online now too.

So in my personal experience in dealing with Mr. Winstock on a few matters, he has always been responsive, respectful even if we disagree, informed, will listen, deeply cares for the sport, taken interactive bod to a new level and in a much needed fashion! He is an advocate for all members. If you have a valid idea to bring to the table, he will bring it for you, he will be honest with you in the process.

It's your prerogative to vote as you see fit for those who you think are best to do the job. I would ask you to do one thing before you do.... Think about the big picture and the long term.

For example, in another thread I stated I don't think DZO's should be on the BOD, while over all, yes I think that.... however I'm smart enough to know that a guy like Tom Noonan brings a lot of experience and first hand knowledge to the table in dealing with the FAA & airport sponsors on access cases. That is a big major factor this go around and we need extremely knowledgeable people in this area now serving the interest of the industry. When you look at what he is doing and how he got there, it's clear he is one of the most experienced dzo in access.

People want to try to claim that if we make up some WS rating we can't undo that, sure we can look at the BIC, AIC & jumpmaster.... poof gone.

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