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Oct 20, 2012, 2:17 AM

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Re: [beeman] Does your DZ try to guilt you if you have a cutaway?

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And while I am a very low time jumper who hasn't had a chop, what in the world FJC rules are you referring to that shouldn't be applied in practice? I'm just curious. My understanding is that everything in the FJC is based on more experience than any one person will have in this sport. As are the emergency procedures.

And what is your alternative to those things? Those rules are drilled into you so you have a plan hopefully without having to waste altitude thinking about what you should do. Are there "fixes" like trying to free the bag manually, sure there are, with a fair amount of added risk in most cases - not the least of which is loss of altitude awareness trying to "fix" a malfunction on the part of a low time jumper. An experienced jumper might feel comfortable and have the skills required to do something like that, but it's a different ballgame with low time.

What I mean is that if you did everything by the book, you'd never fit in with the DZ "machine" as it runs day to day, commercially and socially. No time for formal gear checks, hurry up and get your fucking kit on - someone will eye it over for you in the pen. Want to check the spot? Fuck that, we've got 14 people behind you so hurry up and get out. Wind's picking up a bit, feeling nervous? Don't be a pussy, you're on the manifest so get on the plane.
Decide to cut away? No matter what, you didn't need to.

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